Timber Girls

Posted on: 31/03/2017

Great Torrington School girls recently had the unique opportunity to experience first-hand the hard work, and the fun, of being a member of WW1's Women's Forestry Service with a one day workshop.   The Timber Girls project was delivered by Courage Copse Creatives in partnership with The North Devon Biosphere Foundation.  There were twelve  GTS students who took up the challenge to learn about and commemorate the work of women foresters during the First World War. The project was also used as a platform to research what barriers are currently preventing more women from choosing forestry as a career today and investigate the images and thoughts of what young people think about land management. 

As part of the project research they had the help of Shimnix Films who digitally recorded the day and will be producing a film to share and celebrate the experience of women foresters and explore the differences between women's lives and opportunities, then and now. 

The girls enjoyed the opportunity to gain new forestry skills and had this to say about their day at Warkleigh, Umberleigh: 

"I feel like it was a great experience and it was so much fun.  Everyone enjoyed it and it was a lot different to what people thought it was going to be like." 

"It was very educational. I like that we got to do what the WW1 women did back then using axes and horses." 

"I think it was a really good day. It was better than I thought; I would do it again and it was very educational because I thought it would be very hard physically." 

"Timber girls was a very forward and hands on educational day.  The chopping and sawing was quite hard work but it all paid off in the end to see the tree come down." 


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