Science Week

Posted on: 30/03/2017

It was recently British Science Week and we were thrilled with the uptake of our lunchtime activities. 

The lunchtime activities were a bit of fun to encourage young people to think of solutions and investigate the world of science.  On Monday lunchtime pupils took part in the Jelly Baby experiments and watched the reaction of combustion with lots of bright colours and smoke.

The demonstration room also filled with the sweet scented smell of melted marshmallows or candyfloss. Tuesday was the day of exploding bubbles, which was pretty awesome messy fun as the young scientists watched on. Wednesday was firework day, where pupils watched on as different flame tests were carried out. Thursday, pupils had hands on excitement with the Van de Graff generator for some hair-raising fun.

We've got some shockingly funny bad hair day snaps!  Friday ended the week with the annual Great Torrington Science Bake Off. Congratulations to all the bakers that took part in the GTS Great Science Bake Off 2017.  The winners are: 1st place Jacob Andrew EgJLH, 2nd place Emily Herbert EbCVF, 3rd place Caitlin Jackson DrKVM. 


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