Big Bang Fair, Birmingham

Posted on: 30/03/2017

Years 7 - 9 enjoyed a fabulous day out at the NEC in Birmingham to visit the 'Big Bang' Science Fair.    They watched a stage show called "Do try this at home".  This showed them that they don't need expensive kit or a fancy laboratory to do your own experiments. From gravity-defying curtain chairs to the smartphone in your pocket, nothing escaped their DIY demonstrations and they were an obvious big hit with our students.  After this, pupils then had some time to explore the fair in groups; there were different activities such as: the structure of an ear, virtual realities were really popular technologies to try out, and robots and quizzes. 

A couple of the pupils commented about their day out,    " I enjoyed the 'Do it at home' show this was a lot of fun had a lot of cool experiments."  "I would recommend everyone to go to the Big Bang show, there were a lot of interesting stands to explore." "It gave me ideas about becoming a game designer." "We had an amazing time and I hope that next we get to do it again!" 


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