Big Bang at the NEC

Posted on: 29/03/2016

During National Science week 60 pupils from year 7, 8 & 9 made an early 5.30am start to visit the Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers’ Fair at the NEC Arena in Birmingham.  Pupils got to watch two exciting shows with Gastronaut Stefan Gates, STFC’s Dr Suzie Sheehy, BBC’s cool mathematician Dr Hannah Fry and some robots.

They brought the STEM Show to life with amazing technology, showing how cool science is. We saw glowing quantum mechanical drinks, the difference between chocolate and tomato sauce fountains, exploding strawberry clouds and even made glowing sweets. 

After the first show, we explored the NEC centre and took part in  hundreds of activities such as: open heart surgery; robotic games; build a JCB;  mathematical challenges; looking at the science behind your racquet swing; visit the space dome; visit the Space UK stand; try out 3D glasses; run through tunnels; visit the bloodhound; work with film companies on the science and maths behind film and animation movies, and so much more! 

Before leaving to return to Devon, we all got back together to watch the final show of the day: ‘The Hollywood Special Effects Show. We were in for a treat as the presenters took us behind the scenes of some of our favourite movies to show how the incredible special effects are created for screen.  There were plenty of explosions and sounds whilst educating the audience about the science behind the stunts. We watched fight sequences from Wild West shows to a life size animatronic T-Rex appearing in front of us! 

It was a great opportunity to speak to scientists and engineers, thus helping inspire pupils about what they could possibly do in the future. 

Pupils and staff had a fantastic time at the fair, coming back loaded with leaflets and lots of freebies! 

Here are some comments from our young budding scientists and engineers: 

  *   ​​I really enjoyed the Hollywood effect show; it was fun and so cool. There was a dinosaur that came out of nowhere! It made you wonder if you had really just seen a T-Rex come out of the smoke! 
  *   ​I would like to go again. We still didn't get time to do it all, even though we were one of the first to go and last to leave.
  *   Our group found a stall where you could battle robots which we were totally hooked on. It was a long day, but great fun. 


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