Surprise Mock Results Day for Year 11

Posted on: 28/01/2014

On Wednesday 8th January, Year 11 pupils received their mock exam results.  This was done very differently from previous years and was made to be as the actual results day would be in August.  The afternoon provided our pupils with the latest marker of how they are progressing towards their GCSE outcomes and it obviously had a big impact on all of our Year 11 pupils. 

The whole year group met and were told that the results they were about to be given in envelopes; just as they will be in August, would show them what the outcome of their efforts during the Mock exams were. Several pupils were pleased to see that they were on track to do extremely well and others were a little disappointed that they were not going to gain the all-important grades to progress in the way they had wanted. 

The afternoon was really important as it showed everyone that they only have 120 days to ensure that the 'real results day' would be successful. 

Members of the senior leadership and team and teaching staff spent time going over the results with pupils  and this was then followed into the Year 11 parents evening where subject staff, pupils and parents held discussions about what they needed to do to change and improve their outcomes for the better. 

There is always the concern that people can be disappointed with their mock results, However, we feel it is really important  that any issues they face are dealt with now and clear strategies of how to take the next steps to improve are shared with everyone .  The current Year 11 pupils are expected to do well.  We hope that they will grasp the last bit of time they have at GTS with enthusiasm to take control of their own learning and reap the awards they deserve.

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