Congratulations to Harley Hamilton on winning the STEM Big Bang Competition organised by local employer Actavis

Posted on: 27/09/2013

As part of the Big Bang South West, one of the apprentice teams designed an Artwork competition for the design of a carton for a new exciting pharmaceutical product.

Today Actavis presented Harley Hamilton with a framed picture of her design personalised for her along with a £25 Waterstones voucher for herself and £100 voucher to the school.

Harleys task was using the template provided to design a carton including suitable name, colours, patterns and any safety warnings that she felt necessary.

She had to create the packaging to a new tablet that turns you into a superbrain and allows you to pass any test after taking it. The Judges mentioned that they liked Harley’s safety warning saying if you take too many then you turn into a bighead. The Judge’s comment ‘We felt that the design was creative and captured the key areas that should be included on the design even down to the barcode!’

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