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MTV Star Performers

Posted on: 26/10/2015

The MTV video music awards are a very big part of pop culture and the GTS music and performing arts department put together a brand new scheme to push every child in Year 9 to use their creativity and musical talents to produce their own music video. The project came to its climax at the end of the summer term when the whole year group submitted their finalised piece for the others to vote on in an MTV-style music video awards ceremony. Mr Simon Robilliard, Music Teacher: "Probably the best scheme of work I have every taught.......and it's only going to get better" 

The pupils worked on their script and created their story board, shot a music video with some choosing to use green screen technology to mime, act, dance and sing against. Mark Pluckrose, Head of Performing Arts, was very impressed and said, "It was great to see all students working hard toward the same goal.  The challenge merged the performing arts together in a way that I never thought was possible in a school."

Here's some feedback we had from students who participated: 

'During the last week, everyone who has music and drama on the carousel came together to watch the music videos and we had a special visitor who is a director at a local production company. We watched all the videos and the visitor gave us constructive criticism which we wrote as WWW and EBI in purple pen in our books.' - Callum Vingoe 

'Our last lesson was really good because we got to have a look at our own and our peers' finished products! I think that everyone had really good ideas that all worked well in their own way. It was nice to have feedback from someone who makes music videos for a living because he knows how difficult it can be.' - Freddie Ware 

'The presentation for everyone's music videos took place on the 23rd of March. All music videos were shown and were then judged by a professional film editor. Some groups had no video to be shown because of little editing time, so sir decided to help everyone out with editing and edited them at home, so we would have something to show, which was really helpful. After each music video shown, we had to write down things that were good about it, followed by things that could be improved. After all the videos had been shown, there were nominations given to particular people on things that they had done well. e.g. - Best singer, best director, best editor etc. I won best editor.' - Phoebe Johnson 


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