Safer Internet Day 2015

Posted on: 26/02/2015

During the past month the school has been engaging in a series of activities linked to Safer Internet Day 2015. 

The aim of this Global event is to raise the awareness of the dangers of the misuse of the internet and to give young people and their parents / carers some strategies on how to minimise the risks.  Although we tackle these issues regularly throughout the school year, some pupils are not fully recognising the risks posed by their online activities and do not share the key messages with others. 

Please see below the link to the Safer Internet Day (SID) website where there is some very useful guidance for young people and parents / carers. 

When addressing pupils about these issues, we try to use real life examples, as pupils often believe that it will never happen to them.  This year, we have used a story of the tragic events surrounding a 14 year old boy who was groomed online, a case which highlights how varied the risks to young people online can be.  It has been a high profile news story and I have attached the link below to the story, if you have not already seen it. 

I would ask you to spend a few minutes discussing internet and social media use with your children, reflect on the some of the advice given and to review their own safe internet use.  A few minutes watching the clip as a family is time well spent as it really brings home the dangers that children can face and gives some clear tips on how to manage the risks. 

Finally, if you or child have concerns about one of their friends, please do share your concerns with the child's parents / carers, someone at school or the Police.  


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