New skills developed and rewarded

Posted on: 25/02/2014

There was some excitement this morning in the office, as 147 AQA certificates arrived in the post ready to distribute to pupils.  These have been achieved by pupils who have demonstrated skills and competence in their Enrichment time in their first 12 weeks of the academic year. 

The AQA unit award scheme is a nationally recognised scheme which records and celebrates the achievement of pupils of all ages and abilities. Pupils need to complete a minimum of ten hours and show a degree of competence and produce evidence that will result in the pupil being awarded a certificate in the area.

It is based on a unit approach and awards certificates for short units of work. It covers almost any subject area or activity, but in this case quite a number of Enrichment programmes are covered by the AQA scheme, e.g. American Baking, Hair Care, Football, Gardening, School Magazine, Spanish - Food & Drink and Digital Photography.

As these awards are accredited by AQA, it can but used on a personal statement for UCAS, on a CV when applying for a job. The awards demonstrate the skills and strengths that they have gained and are vital evidence to keep in their record of achievement.  Please ensure they are kept safe. 

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