Congratulations to our Year 7 who have completed their first half term!

Posted on: 24/10/2014

They finished off the half term with some amazing performances across all of the projects.  Today in Frankenstein Art installation they showed off many of their skills and qualities developed by students in drama, such as teamwork, costume, make up, props set design and their poetry, art work and written work was hanging from the ceiling for all to view.  Thank you to all the parents that came today I think you will agree that they were confident performers.

Yesterday, our young entrepreneurs met with the dragons in the den to pitch their business ideas and convince them to invest with them. They have developed their ideas, worked as a team, built their product, researched their target market, looked at costing and then presented to the Dragons Themes covered within this project are: marketing/finance/innovation/design, presentation/enterprise and the introduction to expenditure and income. 

Pupils have been learning Anansi stories and their historical backgrounds. This culminated into creating their own Anansi stories and performing them in front of peers and family.  Costumed masks were designed using digital software and cut out.

See you all on the 3rd November.

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