The Power of the Poppy

Posted on: 24/09/2013


The Humanities Ambassadors from Great Torrington School have been planting poppy seeds with the hope that next year we see a sea of red poppies across the school. GTS Ambassadors jumped on the idea that started on a Facebook group called “The Power of the Poppy” with the aim of encouraging communities up and down the country to take up the challenge of sowing british wild flowers and corn poppies through the 2013 and 2014 sowing season so that Britain can be “in bloom” for the 100th anniversary year and beyond.

Sara-Jane and Elizabeth both felt strongly about people taking time to remember. Sara would like to say “ It’s important to commemorate all these people that died and fought in such terrible conditions, without them our country or even our world would be totally different to what we know today”.

Elizabeth would like people to plant some poppies where they will be visible for people to view as the association of the poppy to Remembrance Day is strong and hope people will appreciate them in bloom next year and make them stop and remember. Their one clear message was “It’s not too late to go out and buy some poppy seeds – do it now!”

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