Road Awareness Safety Day

Posted on: 24/07/2014

Recently all of Year 9, as a part of the 3Rs program, saw at first hand the horrors of a road traffic collision (RTC) and how the emergency services work together on a daily basis.  The aim of the day was to improve road safety awareness and educate them on the dangers and consequences of risky behaviour at home, in school and in the community and how their actions could affect others.

The morning began with a whole year group assembly, led by the services, followed by talks by the emergency services including;  the effect of drink, practicing CPR techniques and the recovery position. The  fire service talked about their various roles and the equipment they use and the Police carried out a thought provoking activity to encourage pupils to think about their responsibilities in the local community and how certain stereotypes of behaviour may be seen by others.  The end of the morning the emergency services demonstrated the whole process from the RTC right through to lifting the casualty out of the car (Mr Bolton in this case) and taking him on a stretcher to an ambulance.

Our aim is educate and make an impact on pupils of the danger of reckless driving, not wearing a seat belt and drink/drug driving and make them aware of the horrific consequences these can cause. If they went away with one thing from the day it is the ability to know how to save someone's life and how their actions can affect others. 


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