A Night at the MET

Posted on: 23/09/2014

Just before the summer holidays, the MET office in Exeter held a science camp for one night. It was an opportunity for children and some adults to learn about forecasting and the weather itself.


"I wasn't going to go, but then someone dropped out, and I got in. I was really excited to go. After school some of us got on the mini-bus to Exeter. We were all very nervous. But excited. None of us knew what was going to happen.

When we got there it looked huge. Much to our delight, we went into reception, and looked at the amazing space around us. After carrying our bags up 3 flights of stairs, we walked into the conference room; groaning, we found our tents and had a safety talk. Then we had to go down the stairs to the food hall.

We walked into it and saw cloud models hanging from the ceiling. Our 'Buddy' explained that when they first moved into the MET office the offices above said it was too loud so someone had the idea to put up the pillow-like clouds to adsorb the sound. Genius.

That evening we did lots of activities, such as learning about the wind, sun and clouds. The best activity was learning about the temperature and the Sheep Weather Forecast! The best fact of the night was about the weather balloons that they send up into the sky. We got told they can stretch up to the size of two double decker buses. Much later, when we eventually went up to our tents, we were all very tired. 

After what seemed like the longest night ever, with three hours sleep, we got up and went down for breakfast. We had three more activities, and then we all got back on to the mini-bus to come back to school. Overall, it was a really good and enjoyable learning experience."

By Kirsten Holland, Year 8


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