Art Sculptures

Posted on: 23/03/2015

This has been a really BIG project needing a great deal of focus and artistic skills. However, the students have risen to the challenge and created an amazing piece of sculptural art. They have had to think very hard about construction, form, character and overcome many obstacles along the way.

Working together in small teams, they have managed to 'give life' to a diverse group of figures. Their starting point was 'waiting at the bus stop' - a poem read to them at the beginning, this, however, prompted a lot of discussion and was then changed to 'A Snapshot In The Park' with each team choosing their own character. 

These figures will be situated in one of the garden areas where we will be able to view them over a period of time and in all weathers, how long will they last ? Who knows. It will be interesting to see their decay and demise!

The results are absolutely fantastic and we are in the process of trying to arrange a time-lapse camera to capture the figures at different times of the day and night - hopefully providing another element to the project. It would be great if they could be used by other departments at GTS, maybe to inspire poetry and descriptive writing by the English students - after all, everyone has a story to tell!

Click Here to see some photos from the school gallery!

- Mrs Witney, Art Technician


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