Student meets Princess Anne

Posted on: 22/10/2015

Joanna Grigg, a student at Great Torrington School, was recently invited to Holsworthy Livestock Market along with her family and a few animals from their Holstein and Jersey herd to meet Princess Anne at the official opening of Holsworthy Livestock market.  It was the Jersey breed, though, that caught Princess Anne's eye and which she wanted to discuss with the young Grigg girls; as you may know, one of the oldest Jersey breed herds in the country is that of Her Majesty the Queen's at Windsor. 

Mr James Morrish, auctioneer at Kivells, acted as guide for the princess on her visit; she wanted to meet with people who are farming in the area and he introduced Joanna and her sister Julia, as one of the future farmers of the area.  As the princess looked over their animals, Joanna spoke to her, discussing details about their Jersey herd. Princess Anne then asked what the two sisters wanted to do in the future.   Joanna replied, "I want to be a farm manager and have my own Jersey herd." 

Tracey Grigg, Joanna's mum, said: "Joanna wasn't shy in talking to Princess Anne, in fact she did the talking for her sister!  In the last few years with her work and dedication with her cows, Joanna has spoken with David Cameron just before she was about to go in the show ring when he visited the North Devon Show, and this year with Adam Henson about her future in farming. 
It's been a really busy week for us all.  At the weekend Joanna was competing at the All Britain's Calf Show in Great Malvern representing Devon young handlers and since we got back she has been busy helping us get the cattle ready for the Holsworthy event." 

Joanna said, "It was a special moment to have the opportunity to meet and talk with Princess Anne, she was very interested in talking to me about our farming life." 


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