School Governor's writing competition

Posted on: 22/04/2016

This year the GTS school governors initiated an annual Governor's essay writing competition. Our congratulations go out to the prize's very first winner: Lilith Foster-Collins. Here is a small taste of her 800 word essay: 

How can a Liberal democracy best cope with mass immigration? 

A Liberal Democracy is:  'A democracy based on the recognition of individual rights and freedoms' and is often used to describe Western democracies such as the UK and other European countries. Before we answer this question, an important distinction that needs to be made is between economic migration and refugees seeking asylum. Economic migrants move to another country for economic reasons whereas refugees move because they fear for their lives in their home country. 

The current refugee crisis is completely different from economic migration. We cannot turn back these people who flee war and terrorism in their home countries because if we do we are sending them back to somewhere where they are in extreme danger. We have to help them. These people have experienced horrific events, they have lost their homes, and some have seen family members killed, others have been tortured. It is our moral responsibility to help these people who have lost everything. 

This is the biggest crisis Europe has faced in a long time. It is a huge challenge and it is imperative that we work together to help. This is not someone else's responsibility, this is our responsibility. Everyone's responsibility. 

By Lilith Foster-Collins, Year 10 


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