GTS perform Simon Armitage's Eclipse in Torrington and The Drum Theatre, Plymouth 

Posted on: 22/04/2016

GTS Year 10 drama group, through National Theatre Connections, has been involved in a nationwide celebration of new plays for young people. Mr Pluckrose, Head of Performing Arts, chose the play Eclipse by renowned writer and poet, Simon Armitage as he 'loved the rich language and characters. 'This play 'explores the themes of self-perception, child play and ritual.' 

The play was first performed at the school and then went on to a wider public audience at the Drum Theatre in Plymouth with the possibility of the GTS version being chosen to go to the National Theatre, London. 

About her involvement in the play, Trinity said, 'My participation in the Eclipse performance has helped me develop the way I think about how different people act in situations and has developed my organisational skills, I come to class more prepared as I have been motivated to rehearse my script. It has taught me to enunciate my words and develop the skill of projecting my voice. My confidence has grown.' 

Alice said, 'A new skill I have learned is how to learn and perform a monologue. My monologue in the play are some of the longest lines I've ever had to learn. I have also learned to take my time when performing lines; I decided to slow the whole monologue down, to give it a sense of story-telling, and to give pauses for more poignant moments, pausing to make dramatic effect.' 

'I thought it went really well,' said Oren, 'especially when Sir said my blind acting was very good. At first I found it very hard to play blind, it was difficult to express that I was blind with my eyes open. I started with having my eyes shut just to get used to my surroundings. After a while I opened my eyes and tried to be blind like that. It was hard because I had to move my head but not my eyes. It was a new a skill I had to learn. 

Eclipse has been extremely well received by all its audiences so far and has been a real highlight of the GTS school year. 

By Mr Pluckrose, Trinity Hickford, Alice Hayward, and Oren Woodward, Yr 10


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