Our young people helping others

in South Africa 

Posted on: 21/07/2014

After months of planning and fundraising over £2,000 each, the GTS World Challenge Expedition is here! Last week, fourteen pupils gathered for their final build up day, where as a team they made final preparations, checked and divided up kit, agreed expedition ground rules, practised putting up their brand new tents and of course asked any final questions. 

All of them have embarked on a  trip of a lifetime and made a difference to others in Swaziland, South Africa. They flew overnight to Johannesburg in South Africa from there they travelled by bus to Swaziland.   We have received a few texts from Mr Farmer, one of the leaders alongside the World Challenge Leader and  Mrs Louise Banfield to say, “ The country is amazing and the locals are friendly and all are safe and well.”

Last week they made their trek through the Ngwempisi Gorge.  This is an impressive 500m deep rugged granite gorge in southern Swaziland.  They camped wild for two nights and then trekked to Rock Lodge, which is spectacularly located perched high above the gorge.  From there they completed their last day trek out of the gorge and headed towards a Malolotija Nature Reserve to take part in a canopy tour.  This consisted of 11 elevated forest platforms, 10 zip wires and a 50 metre long suspension bridge that crosses the Majolomba River. They also had a go at one of Mr Farmers favorite activities, slack lining.

This week they are in their volunteering stage at a Neighbourhood Care Point (NCP) in the Ezulwini Valley to give children a new a kitchen.  This will involve first demolishing the existing (half built) kitchen structure and building a brand new kitchen/store room, then installing a water pipeline into the village school.  This will consist of breeze block walls and a roof constructed corrugated tin.  Inside the kitchen, there will be storage space (possibly a separate room for storage), a sink, tap a fire pit.  

The GTS team will also have the opportunity to support the NCP by entertaining the children at mid-morning break times and after school (1pm). Teams will help run and participate in a sports afternoon and there may also be an opportunity to join Africa’s outreach program in Ekuzukekeni, where small groups of volunteers regularly visit the disabled, elderly and sick in the community. 

After their project  they will also visit a Wildlife Sanctuary on horseback, where they will be able to view the abundant bird life and nesting birds, as well as a number of animal species, including Hippos, Crocodiles, Zebras, Blue Wildebeest, Kudus, Warthogs, Waterbucks and many more. 

Pupils recently held a non-school uniform fundraising day to raise money towards resources for the NCP scheme.  We look forward to hearing about their experiences when they return.  A massive thank you to Mr Adrian Farmer and Mrs Louise Banfield, who are part of the leadership team with World Challenge. 

Pupils Attending: Jack Charleton, Amy Cornish, Matt Cowan, Lou Lou Crow, Abby Fletcher, Megan Hillyear, Billie Jordan, Bluebell Munro, Maddy New, Lois stone, Georgia Swan, Olivia Treml, Sara Jane Vanstone and  Aiden Wright 


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