GTS Transition: a week to remember!

Posted on: 20/07/2017

Stepping up from Primary School to Secondary School is undoubtedly a scary moment for pupils making that step, but the Year 6 who move up to Great Torrington School will not feel so afraid because GTS has had Transition Week for them to enjoy.

On the 26th of June, the first group of Year 6 were anxiously waiting to find new friends and try out new experiences at the Ultimate Adventure Centre, Westward Ho! All packed up with their sleeping bag and pillows, they waved goodbye to their parents for two and a half days. Whilst one half of the new Year 6 taking the massive step up from primary school to secondary school went to camp at the centre, the other half had fun-filled days at the school site learning about the Battle of Hastings, trying out the school's science department with Bunsen Burners, and finding out about all the different things the school has to offer. Having enjoyed one experience, at mid-week they swapped round and enjoyed the other. 

At the camp the children had a range of activities to do such as surfing at Westward Ho! and a hike back to the centre: a chance for them all to get to know each other. Then it was on to perhaps the most exciting part of the camp, the assault course with the 'big balls', the high ropes and climbing wall. Also at the camp, Year 6 got to meet some of the teachers they might be taught by, the Head of House, Pupil Coaches and an evening with their Junior Leadership Team from their House. They could start to build up their relationships with the teachers so they don't feel anxious when they start in September. 

All in all, the children have a fun and exhilarating week. Being one of the only schools to have this type of transition period for Year 6  makes coming up in September much easier and stops them being so nervous about starting at the 'big school', as they have already met some of their new friends. The thing that most Year 6 had to say about the trip was that they really liked making new friends. This shows how GTS transition camp gives our pupils an advantage over all the other children moving up to other schools. What we do at GTS makes your children feel much more comfortable moving up to secondary school. It certainly helped me when I did it. I loved Transition Week! 

Luke Stevens, Year 10 House Captain 


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