Pupils have an excellent day training with Bideford Fire Fighters

Posted on: 20/05/2014

Bideford Fire Station welcomed excited pupils from Great Torrington School, Holsworthy Community College and Bideford College as part of the PEEP Project (Pupil Employer Engagement Project) on Tuesday 13th May. 

A whole day of activities for the pupils was planned to give them a real taster of the wide range of work carried out by fire fighters and gain an insight and understanding into the training they undertake on a daily basis. 

The day began with an introduction to the crew and then pupils from the three schools were split into three mixed groups and rotated around tasks in the morning.  They included fire safety and prevention theory sessions and explanations of how the appliances and safety equipment is used in different situations. 

One of the tasks that Emily Andronik enjoyed was building a dam to hold the water when it's not readily available for firefighting purposes.  Emily said, "This was my favourite part of the day, it was a good challenge for us to solve and work together, I do think to be a fire fighter would be a very challenging role, I don't think it would be for me as I would prefer to work as a Nurse." 

A highlight of the day for many of the Great Torrington pupils was the task that really pushed some of them out of their comfort zone.  The groups were put in conditions that the fire fighters work in and use search and rescue techniques when responding to house fires.  They were put in a room that was filled with smoke and pupils worked in pairs holding hands with the task of using the correct techniques to search for casualties whilst avoiding obstacles and to exit the room safely. 

Aidy Guppy thought the smoke house was the best part of the day and said, "It was a lot harder than you first thought, you quickly become very disorientated and lost, but they taught us how to feel our way around, by finding a wall and keep going in one direction until you find the escape route". He continued to say, "The day was very strict and disciplined, but I liked that.  The fire service is something I would be interested in, it appeals to me because my dad use to be a fire-fighter." 

After lunch, the groups tried out different hoses and learnt about the different pressures, they looked at equipment that the fire fighters used like the infra-red imaging equipment.  They had an amazing experience with the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service as these quotes show: 

Trinity Hickford summed up the day with lots of enthusiasm, "It was brilliant!  I definitely put it up there in something I would like to do in the future, either a fire fighter or a vet!" 

Megan Sowden commented, "The smoke hose was great it was very hard to see but your other senses soon kick in." 

Nick Wright said, "It was quite dark in the smoke house and I learnt that fire fighters have very disrupted sleep patterns." 

Charlie Golder said, "I enjoyed it all, especially the smoke house" 

Maria Sussex thinks the fire fighters are very brave people and said, "It was fun when we used the hoses, I understood quite a bit about the fire service already as my step dad is a fire fighter with Torrington. I think they are good people because they think of others before themselves and risk their own lives to save over people, so I think they are really good"

Sandra Peters, Personalised Careers Manager from Great Torrington School said, "It was fantastic to see individuals within the group step outside of their comfort zone and throw themselves into situations that they would never normally face in everyday life.  They were all brilliant." 


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