Four Y10 pupils have won a trip to The Harry Potter film set at the Warner Brothers Studio in London

Posted on: 19/05/2016

The competition has been organised in partnership between DCON (Devon Collaborative Outreach Network) and Petroc. DCON organise outreach events and activities to provide opportunities for young people to learn the value of higher education, while at the same time exposing them to the diverse range of programmes that are offered in the their region. 

This particular competition was designed to show young people how starting a journey on one career path (in this case, architecture) could lead to unexpected places, for example, film set design. The producers on the Harry Potter films hired ONLY architects to design their sets. On this trip, Jake, Alfie, Fergus and Matt will learn why they chose to do this and about the architectural skills that were used to such good effect. 

The four pupils will be accompanied by prize winners from other schools and Level 3 BTEC students on an architectural course at Petroc. 


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