Budding computer scientist

Posted on: 19/03/2014

Most 14 year olds love playing games on their X-box, Wii or PlayStation - William Huxtable taught himself how to create them.  

After developing his game on morewoodgame.com he has raised the awareness amongst his peers that they can become developers.

Mr Nick Butler, ICT Teacher at Great Torrington School, said "The government wants to encourage young people of today to be inspired and get creative with coding programing and digital technology. William is a very dedicated student and he has self-taught himself coding by being inquisitive". 
William says he has always been interested in coding. He decided to have ago himself when he came across the game on the internet called Cookie Clicker and felt he would invent a game with similar principle, through this he has learnt how to understand and practice using JavaScript and it has become a fun hobby and he blogs about what he learns.

So whilst reading and carrying out his research through forums William developed his game called morewoodgame.com.  He told a few friends about his game and before you know it Mr Butler was getting to the point of banning the game!  Mr Butler says "During lunch, pupils were trying out his game and telling William where the glitches were and William would fine tune his game they were all getting into it".  William chuckled and added "Yes, there was lots of feedback, but it helped me develop the game and improve my understanding and problem solving of using JavaScript".

Through online forums William was approached by a German start-up company and asked if he would do some coding for them, which was quite a surprise to him, but he hasn't heard anything since.

So his next goal, without giving too much away he is now working on a social network idea and pooling together his ideas of where he thinks there are gaps in the current market.

It's clear that William enjoys this subject and is passionate about developing and learning all that he can and it is no surprise that that he definitely wants to develop a career in technology, we think he has made an excellent start towards his future career. 

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