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Miss Dodwell's Marathon Run

Posted on: 18/03/2016

Our inspirational English teacher ‘Miss Dodwell’ and her father are running The London Marathon 2016 after a tragic loss within their family. Her sister Charlotte, aged 16, died unexpectedly in 2003 with the condition asthma. Ever since 2004 she has completed half marathons until she hit the jack pot in 2009, succeeding in The London Marathon.

The family aim to do something every year to raise money for Asthma UK, to help people with severe asthma. In the UK a devastating number of 3 people per day die of an asthma attack. Miss Dodwell has mild asthma herself, and always carries her inhaler because an attack could happen at any time. Asthma UK is a charity that aims to support adults and children that suffer from horrific asthma and fund research in the hope of finding a cure.

Our school, on the 22nd of April, are having an ‘Asthma UK Day’ to raise awareness of asthma and to support Miss Dodwell’s run, which is on Sunday 24th April; running 26.2 miles. At first Miss Dodwell could not run far but she had always dreamt of running long distances, so she started to train 20 – 30 miles a week, running 4 – 5 days a week. She motivated herself with a positive mind-set saying, “I can do it”, with the reward of achieving two half marathons already this year. We will be supporting her as a school to make sure she achieves this goal with a huge smile on her face.

- Chelsea Petherbridge and Jazmin Marshall

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