Multi Skills Festival

Posted on: 16/10/2015

On the 30th September, Great Torrington School hosted a multi skills festival for our feeder schools KS1/2 pupils.

The day’s activities were led by our Year 7Lbacc group who were great with the young people.  They explained everything really well and gave lots of encouragement.  The children had a chance to practice different skills in a non-competitive environment and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Mrs Frickleton, SSCO said: “It was a great success and congratulations must go to all those who took part and our Year 7 leaders who helped organise and run the festival showing excellent maturity, independence and showing great leadership skills.”

“It was also lovely to receive a number of compliments from the Primary teachers about our Year 7 that they were really lovely to watch lead sessions.”

Mrs Frickleton and her team of Sports Leaders have a very busy year ahead with the following scheduled to place with our feeder schools: Football festival for Year 5 and 6, Indoor Athletics, High Five Netball, Super stars events, Cross country events, Dance festivals, multi skills festivals, Cricket and Rounders Tournament and a trip Bath University.  Wow! What a busy year we have in store for KS1 and KS2.


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