GTS Students cheer on England at Wembley Stadium

Posted on: 16/10/2015

Forty four pupils from Great Torrington School recently enjoyed an 'amazing experience' when they travelled to London to watch England win over Estonia at Wembley Stadium. This trip had the fastest uptake we have ever seen with queues like the high-street Boxing Day Sales at the finance office door. Mr Bolton was bowled over by the generosity of a pupil who forfeited his place so that someone behind him in the queue could go. 

As the bus approached Wembley, the excitement and enthusiasm of its passengers was intense.  The group buzzed with happiness and joy as they chanted their songs asking the staff to give them a wave from the front. However, due to the London traffic, they were unfortunate enough to miss out on watching Rooney receive his Golden Boot from Sir Bobby Charleton before the kick-off. Luckily they did just manage to get to their seats as the whistle blew to start the game. By the end of the match, most of the pupils were match-side of the pitch and had a spectacular view of the England players. 

Here's what some of the pupils thought about their experience: 

"I really enjoyed the Wembley trip as it was pretty well organised with such short notice. I also think there should be more football trips like this as the demand for tickets was very high and was deemed as quite a popular trip. I would definitely go again, especially if there was a France 2016 EURO Trip." James Taylor 

"My fave highlight were the chants that we came up with in the stadium. We also tried to do the Mexican wave - but no-one joined in. When England scored, the atmosphere was immense. It was also my first time to London, let alone Wembley. I think the school should do more trips like that." Harrison Palmer 

"I really enjoyed the Wembley trip. My highlight was the whole day (apart from being late). It was my second time going to Wembley and it was definitely better than the first. I would 100% go again if I had the chance to. I'd also love a France 2016 EURO trip if possible." Ollie Harris 


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