Geography Urban Fieldwork

in Plymouth

Posted on: 14/07/2015

Pupils on the GCSE Geography  course at GTS, have undertaken urban fieldwork across the city of Plymouth.  The trip supports students in understanding urban processes, change and issues for their Unit 2 exam.  

A real focus of the day is to investigate urban redevelopment in Devonport - once a very deprived and run down area of the city, but now revitalised and increasingly desirable.

Pupils see first-hand the old and the new housing and evaluate how an improved urban environment can impact on the people that live there.  Plymouth is a fantastic place to examine urban geography - it's having to reinvent itself after a legacy of being solely associated with the naval dockyard.

Our trip allows pupils to question established patterns of urbanisation and begin to understand the challenges faced by city planners.  Each year we try to improve the fieldwork - this year pupils took a boat trip from the Barbican harbour, around The Hoe and waterfront, to the Royal Navy dockyard - to help give pupils an idea of the scale of redevelopment taking place.

Mr Marston, Head of Humanities, said, "Geography is an amazing subject to learn about, it's about everything going on around us and this field trip is just one of the highlights of Year 10"


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