Fundraising Day Success

Posted on: 14/02/2014

Endurance House receive thanks and congratulations on a successful fundraising day from The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington.  They raised in the region of £740 (Few pennies still coming in).  Pupils all had the chance to attend in non-uniform clothes, for the cost of £1.00.  On top of that there were cakes sold at break time and Endurance tutor groups all held their own fundraising ideas over the course of the day.  

In total, in one day the school raised in the region of £740 with a few pennies yet to still come in.  Once again, our school community has come together to support a local organisation who are fundraising to provide us with the very best creative arts opportunities in the region.  

It should remind us all what fantastic young people we have in our midst.   The Plough Arts Centre Director , Richard Wolfenden-Brown said, "I heard yesterday that you have kindly raised £740 towards our digital fundraising.  We are astonished and very grateful.  Please pass on our thanks to all who donated and helped in any way.  Your efforts are very much appreciated". 


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