Torrington Rotary Club and Great Torrington School pupils
win District and South West Competitions

Posted on: 13/06/2013

GTS Pupils

Torrington Rotary Club invited two pupils to their evening meeting and supper on the 11th June to celebrate the success in the recent Rotary Young Chef of the Year and Rotary Young Photographer of the Year Competition. JoJo Charman and Jade Hill spoke at the meeting showing their winning prizes and photographs of the events that they took part in.

Jade Hill went through the ranks and made it through to the Devon County final and then managed to gain a place in the South West final. Jade was highly congratulated on how well she handled the pressure in the kitchen to produce such excellent dishes. Jade has been presented with personalised chefs whites, trophies and certificates.

Creative pupils impressed judges with their snappy ideas in a photographic competition. This year they were set the challenge of producing photographs along a theme of peace. The afterschool photography club with professional photographer Jayne Poole. The pupils embraced the challenge and started to work on the project. The members of the Rotary Club were particularly impressed with JoJo shot of hands linked covered in chalk surrounded by a blue background. Jo Jo explained that by joining hands showed a symbol of peace and that the hands together represented the world.

To see the photos click the links below:

Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3

JoJo Charman, Lois Papworth, Courtney White and Elizabeth Ward all received vouchers from the Rotary Club to use at J & A Cameras.

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