GTS Easter Holiday Programme

Posted on: 13/03/2015

Our action-packed holiday programme features a range of activities available for children from the age of six. The programme provides a high quality experience for children that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, with experience coaches creating an atmostphere for children  to engage, develop their skills and make friends and have lots of fun. 

This Easter we have the return of our popular Film Animation club run by local film producer Matt Biggs.  Children come along and learn skills made famous by Wallace and Gromit movies to make their own  stop motions films. They have fun in every part of the film making process, from the initial ideas all the way through to the final edit. They are creative and make their own sets and props and cut out characters. Quite a lot of artistic flair is used in making magnificent models out of Lego and Clay.  You are welcome to bring your own Lego models along to feature in the films. 

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