National Climate Week

Posted on: 13/03/2013

On Wednesday 6th March, saw year 7 pupils rotating from their normal classroom into an inflated Dome.

As part of their Relationships, Roles and Responsibilities project these pupils are letting everyone know at Great Torrington School just how environmental friendly and sustainable their school is by making informative posters. 



To help reinforce the message Mrs Recycle AKA Cathy Karniewicz from Torridge District Council, bought along the North Devon Biosphere's Inflatable outdoor Dome classroom, where she explained that there really isn't much that Torridge District Council and South Molton Recycle can't take for Recycling especially as they now take BATTERIES and SMALL ELECTRICAL GOODS, but it's up to us to SORT IT OUT into the right containers to Recycle. 

The posters once complete will be exhibited in the East-the-water Tesco's Community board and prizes will also be donated from the store."


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