Great Torrington School

now has a defibrillator!

Posted on: 13/02/2015

Great Torrington School now has a defibrillator on site. All our staff have received awareness training on how the unit works. 
The machine is relatively straight forward and requires little training.  The machine acts by giving voice prompts to the operator, instructing them on what action to take to resuscitate a person. This portable device analyses the heart activity and, in the event of cardiac arrest, administers an electrical shock through electrodes placed on the chest. This shock can restart the heart, potentially saving a life. 

Tracey Amos said: 
"In our learning centred school, it is equally important that everyone is also safe. We hope that we never have the need to use the defibrillator unit, but feel this will give a person the best chance of survival if we do. 
In addition to purchasing the Defib unit we take pride in teaching CPR through the Red Cross "Save A Life" programme in our 3Rs lessons and teaching first aid through the enrichment period; every child is aware of what to do in an emergency."


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