The Highlight of Year 7 at

Great Torrington School

Posted on: 12/12/2014

Nina Whittaker (aged 11) describes the best part of the school week. 

As a year seven pupil of Great Torrington School, one of the things I have enjoyed the most this year has been the weekly 'Enrichment and Intervention' session. I know my friends here feel the same way! 

E&I is a range of different sessions in which we have fun and learn something that we wouldn't normally have a chance to. These opportunities include: surfing, climbing, Latin, 'Bake Off', knitting, photography, Young Chef, computer programming, 'musical' and many more! In book club you enhance your reading skills and your reporting skills. In writing & illustrating you improve your creative writing skills through making stories or poems, which we also illustrate. E&I is a fantastic and fun experience; it is never boring! 

Here, I will show you a bit of what I have been doing in my E&I session: writing and illustrating.


My hand grazed the cold, hard surface of the mighty lion statue, my talons leaving claw marks in the stone. I was in central London, Trafalgar Square. It was a cold midnight. My family had made me leave; now I was alone. "Freak," they'd called me. "Alien." 

I had run away that very night. How they had found out my secret I will never know. 

Anger surged through me and the bones in my back shifted, making me grit my teeth in an attempt not to scream. Sweeping shadows flew out from my shoulder blades. This is the reason I am here, beside one of the great lions, in London's infamous Trafalgar Square. With my wings. 

I punched the lion. My hand slid as easily through it as if it was softened butter. I flexed the wings protruding from my back and took off. I didn't fly far, only to a statue of Queen Eleanor and her mount. I ripped Queen Eleanor from her throne of a horse and flung her to the side. 

I placed my hand on the horse's flank and closed my eyes. I focused all of my energy on him and concentrated on the tips of my fingers, which had started to twitch, but it wasn't me twitching...It was the horse. 

I have the power to transform inanimate objects to animate. Not just to make them move, but to breathe. To live. 

When I was very young, and knew nothing of my wings or powers, my mother had taught me to ride. That experience now came in handy as I put my foot in the rigid stirrup and swung myself into the hard saddle. After gathering the stiff reins in my hand, I dug my heels into his flanks and jumped. My wings, by now, had retreated into my back and waited restlessly in anticipation of the next time they would be released. 

Landing safely, I and the horse galloped into the dark cover of the night. I have named him Stone Cold, just like my heart. 

Nina Whittaker

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