7Q Renewable Energies

Posted on: 12/12/2014

This week saw the close of the second challenge for our year 7 students. 7Q took over the Plough Arts Centre for the morning in order to hold their own town planning meeting. The meeting was attended by the Mayor Mr Rumbold, Mayoress and Deputy Mayor Mrs Simmons, the students were debating the issues surrounding placing a wind farm in the Atlantic sea off our local coastline.

The students each expertly explained how the plan would affect different people within our community. We were astounded by the professional and persuasive speeches produced by the students. All pupils contributed to the buffet after the town meeting by planning, preparing and cooking a dish.  

They had thought about using sustainable ingredients, seasonal food, how many food miles and how healthy their contribution was in their planning.

When cooking their dish, all pupils worked brilliantly being independent and helping each other.  A very successful outcome for 7Q! 

Well Done ! 

Miss Higgs, Ms Sparrow, Ms Miller-Marshall


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