GTS Mock Election Results

Posted on: 12/06/2017

Students of GTS were given the opportunity to vote in our very own polling station: Mrs Tillier's room. Nationally there had been talk about the potential turnout levels for young people voting as being low, but the GTS mock election did not follow this trend - our young people expressed a real interest in politics. Before Election Day, students had talked with tutors and teachers about the upcoming election and used the school online resource of to explore the issues and political parties. There was a real 'buzz' around the school during the election campaign and again on polling day. 

In total, 511 young people exercised their right to vote and the results were as follows: 

GTS Mock Election Results: 

1.       Labour: 217 votes = 42% 

2.       Conservatives: 113 votes = 22% 

3.       Liberal Democrats: 66 votes = 13% 

4.       The Green Party: 60 votes = 12% 

5.       UKIP: 35 votes = 7% 

6.       The Scottish National Party: 5 votes = 1% 

7.       Plaid Cymru: 1 vote = 0.2% 

8.       Spoiled Ballot Papers: 14 = 3 

We are also mentioned in the TES for our voting. We're near the bottom of the page. Click Here to view.

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