Air GTS. Yes!

Posted on: 11/12/2015

At GTS Year 7 have a very different experience from other Year 7s in the rest of the country, We have something called the GTS Learner's Baccalaureate. This means that all the subjects are mixed up together into different 'Challenges' such as: Forest of Stories, Leaders in our Community, Air GTS, Outbreak and Frankenstein. 

I am studying Air GTS where we are building a type of plane called the Groppo Trail. Yes, we are really building a plane! Air GTS has 43 different stages that we need to do to build our plane, and our teacher, Mr Farmer, would like to get the project finished in two years' time. The Groppo Trail was named after Nando Groppo, who is the designer and owner of the company which builds the kit for the plane. 

Pupils have learnt a lot from this challenge so far. Riley Hewitt said, "I have learned from this project that it's hard to build a plane." And he added, "Me and a group of pupils are building the controls for the plane. I find that its ok, it's not too easy to make [the controls], nor is it too hard." 
Bobby Downton's response to the same question was, "I have learned how to use hand tools, and I've also learned that it's easier than other people would think. Building a plane is something that I've wanted to do ever since I was little." 

I asked them what they enjoyed about Air GTS. Lewis Bacon's response was, "The thing that I most enjoy about Air GTS is that it gets everyone working together, and I think that is the most important thing." I agree, constructing the plane has everyone working together as a team. It is such an important life skill, to learn to work together; when we are older, in our jobs, we will have to get on with other people to make sure that our work will get done and be done well. 

Josh Smart told me what he had done so far in this project. "I have started to design a logo, and we will soon be cooking food, that we had to research, that would be served on a plane. In my group, we have just installed the brake pedals and flooring of the plane. With another teacher, Ms Gratton, we have started to design our in-flight magazines." 

I then asked our teacher, "Why did you decide to do this challenge and not another one?" 

Mr Farmer responded, "I chose this project because I wanted something that was exciting and different and that I knew no other school was doing, and by the end of project Air GTS we will have an outcome of something that is real and amazing!" 

My group think this is the best challenge and Georgia Duncan agrees, "We get to do cooking, improve our engineering skills, find out about what it's really like to fly and design an in-flight magazine." 
Bet you wish that you were in our class! 

By Isabel Pollit, Year 7 


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