Working with Exeter University Medical School

Posted on: 10/06/2015

Health England, a government body, are keen for more people to enter the medical professions. Traditionally they have focussed on universities and higher education institutions.

Exeter University Medical School, in partnership with GTS, applied for a grant from Health England to write an academic paper that investigates whether if you encourage certain skills when children are younger, 11 years old, then are they more likely to want to take up a career in medicine.

Health England have given this grant, of £10,000, to Exeter University Medical School to carry out this research.

We are now working in partnership with Exeter University Medical School to develop a challenge for next year’s Learner’s Baccalaureate that will develop an interest in medicine. This will be a real-time simulation of an outbreak of a pandemic. Pupils will act as the international body that responds to the outbreak. Each week an international pandemic expert will contact the pupils and tell them the consequences of their decisions the previous week. At the end of the seven weeks, pupils will appear before a panel at Exeter University to justify their decisions and the fatalities they allowed. The University will be providing the school with authentic emergency tents, medical equipment, biohazard suits and robots that respond like fatally ill people to ensure the simulation is as true to life as possible.

The long term aim is for the resources developed from this pilot to be rolled out to other schools nationally in order to encourage even more youngsters to enter the medical professions.


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