Artsmark Assessor Comments

Posted on: 09/07/2012

artsmark“This is an outstanding school in terms of arts provision, and it’s on going, long term commitment to the arts. The way in which this school embraces the arts as a key driver for change and development within and beyond the curriculum is exemplary.

The arts facilities for all core arts subjects in school are excellent and the Head and senior management team are firmly committed to developing all of the arts as a mechanism for creative learning. The Head and the senior management team are determined to extend the impact of the arts in school through the launching of the RSA curriculum at Key Stage 3, and to continue to address standards in all arts subjects at Key Stage 4.

There is a strong sense of pupil involvement in shaping and leading how the arts is developed and delivered in school, and pupils of all abilities convey a deep sense of commitment to, and pride in, their work with staff and visiting artists. The visit provided a considerable amount of very strong, additional information which considerably reinforced the written application, and provided compelling further evidence in support of questions in the application where gaps had been identified prior to the visit. Inclusion is strong and all pupils, regardless of ability, are given a voice to grow and develop through the arts in this school.

Staff in arts subjects, and also in the wider curriculum, convey a clear commitment to the arts in school  as a key way forward for whole school development. There is a clear sense from the Head and Governors of a whole school vision for the arts as a highly influential mechanism for change and improvement, and planning is already underway for staff across all subjects to develop their creative approaches to teaching in advance of the launch of the RSA Opening Minds at Key Stage 3 in Sept 2013.”

- Artsmark Assessor


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