National Theatre Connections Festival 

Posted on: 09/06/2017

In the Spring and Summer half term, Mr. Pluckrose took a group of students from KS4 to perform at the Drum theatre, Plymouth as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival.  Connections are the National Theatre's annual festival of new plays for youth theatres and schools. It gives young people an experience of professional theatre-making and gives them a real insight into being on stage and all the behind the scenes work.  Their experience mirrors that of a company producing a new play in any theatre in the country. 

National Connections give young people, aged between 13 - 19 all over the country, access to the best new writing for theatre and we were extremely fortunate to have the opportuinity to do it again for the second year.   This year the play performed by GTS Students was, 'Status Update' by Tim Etchell; it is an unflinching and amusing catalogue of the things teenagers learn, believe and have 'sussed out' about the world. From the ridiculous to the highly charged, all these truths and half-truths are laid bare before us, without the safety net of character or fiction. 

After a fantastic experience at the Drum Theatre the young performers returned tired but thrilled by the whole experience.  Mr Pluckrose, our very proud director, said, "Huge congratulations to all our pupils, their performance was spot on and they took everything in their stride and they showed great professionalism through the whole experience. I am very proud of them all." 

Thank you to all who attended and well done to our very talented performers. Please take time to have a look at the gallery online by Clicking Here.

Performers: Aaliyah Cartwright, Abigail Compton-Mcculloch, Enya Flack, Kiara Gascoigne, Kelsi Hill, Kian Petherbridge, Tiegan Simmons, Sian Tetley, Izzy Westwood, Abbey Winrow and Bethany Woolacott. 

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