Progression from GTS Apprenticeships a rising trend

Posted on: 06/03/2015

A rising number of Year 11 school leavers left Great Torrington School in 2014 to progress into apprenticeships, that’s 13% of the cohort compared to only 4.4% across Devon LEA as a whole.

Our personalised Learning Manager, Sandra Peters, said, “This just demonstrates that what we do here at Great Torrington School is to provide all our pupils with the best possible careers advice and guidance for them to make informed decisions about their futures.  The advice we give is completely impartial and time is dedicated to providing a wide breadth of information on the full range of Post-16 education and training pathways and opportunities, including apprenticeships.”

Informed decisions mean that pupils who leave GTS enrol on appropriate courses and work training opportunities that they are more likely to complete. They will therefore be happier and have improved life opportunities.
More pupils are taking on apprenticeships straight from school compared to last year as they seek alternative routes to university education, but also as a way of progressing their career with continuous professional development while they earn. The feedback that we receive from our very active Employer Forum is that employers expect pupils applying for apprenticeships to be people that they want to invest in for their future business plans and for them to have good solid grades.


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