Friday mornings at GTS Rock!

Posted on: 05/12/2014

Friday morning was rocking at GTS today.  There was a lively atmosphere as each band took to the stage to wow the audience.  As Year 9 rock groups performed before their peers and guests in the first ever Battle of Bands contest at GTS.  

Every pupil in Year 9 is taking part to compete for the title of "best band".  The winner is determined by the voting audience made up from peers and visitors. 

This has been a fantastic experience for pupils to realise their talents and give them a chance to shine. Pupils have been taking inspiration from old rock legends or modern day pop groups of all types and have been practising their songs to play in this contest.  The only rule is, that every member of Year 9 takes part in a band and performs. 

The two winners of the second heat held today  are 'Banter Band' comprising of Whitney Grieg Wills, Seth Mayhew-Tuson, Charlie Longbridge, Jasmine Marson and Jude Glanville and 'The Sassy Smigeras' band members Euan Gillespie, Izzy Alarcon, Sarah Longhurst, Jamie Debnam, Rose Mason, Juliet Harvey and Matthew Gray.  They will join the 'Jackson 7' and 'Something band' on the 30th January in the final. 

We look forward to the New Year and expect that you will all be busy rehearsing to perfection in readiness for the final showdown! 


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