GCSE and Year 8 Students

tantalise their tastebuds 

Posted on: 05/03/2014

"Why do fishermen gut the fish at sea?" and  "Can you eat their eyes?"  Were some of the questions asked by inquisititve students who took part in a two hour demonstration by Petroc College chef Tom Lewis.

The GCSE food groups and year 8 students  learnt about the techniques of knife handling,  fish filleting, plus learning how to cook some traditional and more unusual fish receipes.

They recevied a step by step demonstration on the techniques of how to fillet a round and a flat fish. Lots of discussion went into what qualities we should look for when purchasing fish.

At the end of the demonstration pupils were rewarded with two  delicious raw fish dishes that got their taste buds brimming.  To Tom's amazement, everyone delved into the glorious fish dishes that he had prepared for them. The first dish was a raw fish dish called Ceviche, this had been marinated in citrus juices, chillies and corriander, this was devoured by the pupils and the plate was clean.  The second dish was a tradional lemon sole cooked in butter and parsley, again this was enjoyed by all.

Tom Lewis said to the class "I wanted you to get excited about cooking,  tasting fish and realising it's full potential and just how important it is to your diet".

Mr Lewis was so impressed he said "I have been to a lot of schools doing this same demonstration, but the uptake of trying out the fish dishes today has been a joy to see and thank you for being such a good audience". 


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