No Pass No Travel policy

Posted on: 02/06/2014

Devon County Council is now enforcing the No Pass No Travel policy to all transport running to its schools including Great Torrington School.  This will mean that no pupils will be allowed to board the vehicle unless they can show a current pass on EVERY journey. 

It is also important that they travel only on the bus on which they have been allocated a seat.  We are asking for your help in this matter by ensuring that your child has their pass each morning before they leave for school.  It is essential that your child knows what to do in the event they have forgotten their pass and are not allowed to travel or, if for any reason, the vehicle does not arrive.  This could be returning home, telephoning you as the parent/carer for assistance, or perhaps going to a neighbour's house. 

If a bus pass is lost the school (Mr Carter) can issue a temporary pass and will issue you with a replacement bus pass form.  A replacement bus pass form is £5.00 from D.C.C. 

School Transport is controlled by Devon County Council and if you have any queries please contact them directly on 0845 155 1019


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