Exciting chapter begins in Year 6s lives

Posted on: 01/07/2014

What a wonderful start to Transition week.  The sun is shining and all the year 6s have enjoyed their first day and night camping at the Ultimate High Adventure Centre.    We have been working with Russel and his team from the Ultimate High for many years now. This provides a  very successful transition programme for pupils and staff to get to know each other from across twenty one primary schools.

Yesterday the groups enjoyed the high ropes, mountain boarding, coastal walk, surfing and of course a go on the Ultimate Wipeout! Last night they enjoyed team games and chatting around the fire pit whilst melting their marshmallows. Today the groups swap activities.

For the first part of the week pupils from Endurance and Resolution houses have been enjoying their mini challenge on Alexander the Great.  Mr O'Donnell in true style greeted his class dressed up as Alexander and proceeded to tell tales of his magnificent life.  Yesterday afternoon pupils headed for the technology rooms to take part in a STEM project involving building and launching their own rockets. Lots of fun, excitement and delight at watching the models be blasted into the air.

Today Endurance and Resolution have been getting to know their way around school with a treasure hunt and collecting stamps on their card hoping to be the first one back.  As part of the hunt they were enrolled onto the library system and taken a book out to borrow over the summer. Pupils are enjoying to get a feel for their way around the school with our Year 7 Transition Leaders, they act like buddy's who are coming to the end of their first year at GTS and will also be able to answer any questions from a pupil's perspective.

Our Year 7 transition leaders are all carrying out their duties marvellously and are a real credit to themselves and the school.  We know you have been very excited about being part of the Year 6 induction process. Well done. 

Lots of friendships are being made.  Getting to know each other and the staff has proved once again a very successful beginning to their lives at GTS. 


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