Westrongly believe that pupils
deserve recognition for effort, service
he school therefore has a Rewards and Consequences framework that recognizes positive and
negative behavior and contributions to the school community. Pupils are rewarded by staff
for achievement and effort.
Reward Points – awarded for good work and positive contributions to the school community. Points
are monitored by Tutors and Heads of Learning – recognized through a series of certificates and other
Consequence Points – logged when pupils fail to produce work or behave in manner that is contrary
to what is expected at GTS.
Staff gives recognition to pupils who have obtained good reports and have worked particularly well or
who have made a significant contribution to other aspects of school life. The annual programme of
Year-based awards days also seeks to give full recognition to pupil achievement. We aim to ensure that
every deserving pupil will gain an award at some point in their school career.
Rewards and Consequences will be logged by teaching and support staff providing tutors and
parents with detailed information on behaviours both positive and negative.
The Framework is designed to support the behavior policy.
The system ensures consistency and fairness and recognizes the work of those pupils who
work steadily all year.
Pupils will be awarded points for positive and negative behaviours. These are logged by staff
on the pupils SIMS profile and detentions or rewards are linked to the level of behavior
Each pupil will have an overall score.
Overall points score = Rewards – Consequences
The overall points score will contribute to tutor competitions and will hopefully further the
motivation to work hard and behave well.
Achievement and Consequence Points will be displayed on pupil progress checks.