Page 7 - GTS Prospectus_online version2

Our highly skilled and dedicated
teachers and staff know their
pupils and strive to maximise
their potential through stimulating
learning which is personalised to
the individual. Opportunities to build
resilience and to take responsibility
for their learning are essential
ingredients to your child’s success.
The challenges do not stop in the
classroom – Ten Tors, Duke of
Edinburgh, Youth Speaks, Maths
Challenge, stage productions, talent
contests, film productions, concerts...
the list goes on! Such activities
develop pupils’ resilience and give
them a belief in themselves and their
abilities, ready for the next challenge.
Leadership and responsibility are
encouraged throughout our school.
Subject Leaders, School Council,
School Leaders and Peer Mentors
all work with other pupils to support
their learning. They also play a vital
role in the management and running of
the school by being involved in staff
interviews, the development of policies
and other strategic planning. In fact,
we couldn’t run GTS without them!
The high expectations of senior leaders are evident in the challenging targets set for
Ofsted 2012
Dream, Believe, Achieve