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I was the only one coming from my school and I was really nervous. It has been
fantastic, I feel I know the school and the teachers and have made some fab friends.
I can’t wait to get started!” Yr 6 pupil from out of catchment school.”
Transition week quote
Our House system is based around
Vertical Tutor Groups
Discovery, Endeavour and
which build a sense
of family throughout the school.
Older pupils act as mentors and
role models for younger pupils.
Experiences are shared and
friendships made. Pupils and
staff alike have a strong sense of
belonging to their Tutor Group
and House and with that comes
some healthy competition between
the Houses!
Tutors see their Tutor Group every day
and are best placed to ensure that
everyone is happy and achieving their
true potential. ‘House Time’ which
occurs once a week, sees all staff
employed at GTS join up with their
Tutor Group to catch up on how
pupils have done that week.
All the staff at GTS want our pupils to:
Have their
themselves and
We are only part of the story.
Education is a three way process
involving staff, the pupils and you
the parents/carers. By working
together we will achieve the very
best for your child.
Whilst GTS is at the heart of its
community, we have developed links
both locally, nationally and internationally
which support our curriculum and
learning. Our pupils raise funds for
projects all over the world. By getting
involved and understanding the issues
other societies face, our pupils will not
just make a difference in the future
they are making a difference now!
Dream, Believe, Achieve