Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 8

Aspiring young chefs from Great Torrington School
came together recently to battle out in the annual
Rotary Young Chef Competition at GTS.
The pupils, from years 7 to 9, had to prepare a two
course meal with a pre-set budget and time limit,
under the watchful eyes of the judges. The aim of
the competition was to win a place in the next
round to be held at Petroc College on the 9th
All the judges were impressed by the pupils’
maturity and organisational skills. They were
particularly impressed with how good the food was
and the skills pupils utilised considering the age of
the contestants. Despite a few of the contestants
not having much cooking experience, they were
using the competition to challenge themselves to
learn and develop their own cooking ability and
confidence in the kitchen.
After much deliberation, the winners were
announced: in third place was Daniel Balsdon, Y7; in
second place Alex Stacey, Y8 and finally Joe
Mitchell, Y9 was declared the overall winner.
Joe and Alex both went through to compete at
Petroc College last week and also qualify for the
Future Chefs Competition at a later date. They
found the experience at Petroc College very
interesting and challenging. They were the
youngest Rotary Young Chef contestants taking part
and were mainly competing against Year 11
students from other schools. The overall standard
was excellent, and although Joe and Alex didn’t win,
they were praised for both their organisational and
cooking skills. We know that they have gained
experience and confidence from participating in the
All candidates that took part were praised by
Rotarian, Jenny Staines, she congratulated them all
for working extremely hard with their preparation
before the event and on the day, and said they
were a real credit to the school and themselves.
Before handing our prizes to winners and gifts for
those taking part, she gave them a few key points
about their costings sheets and menus.
We would like to thank the Torrington Rotary Club
for their time and dedication for this event. The
pupils were particularly pleased with the
unexpected prizes they all received for taking part.
Here are some of the young chefs’ comments:
Emily S, Y9
“I do a lot of cooking at home, I wanted to use this competi-
tion to become more independent and challenge myself.”
Top Tip: Finely grate your carrot for carrot cake.
Favourite dish to cook: Carrot Cake.
Emily T, Y10
“I like tasting news things and learning about different types of
food and culture”
Top Tip: To have fun cooking and experimenting.
Favourite dish to cook: Chicken wrapped in cheese and bacon.
Cleo Babb, Y8
“I like cooking, it’s good for the experience and this challenge
shows me that I can cook under pressure. I have really enjoyed
cooking today.
Neve C, Y8
“I wanted to take part in this competition as I’ve always liked
cooking a lot at home and enjoy learning new recipes.”
Top Tip: Don’t touch your face when handling chilli.
Favourite Dish: Chilli.
Amy Symons, Y 9
“I wanted to do this competition because I like cooking all the
time, especially for my family. I really enjoy cooking with Nana,
today I feel quite calm about this competition.”
Top Tip: Keep checking the oven.
Favourite Dish: Chocolate Brownies.
Joe Mitchell, Y 9
“I like cooking and I am looking at it as being a potential job
choice when I am older.”
Favourite Dish: Victoria Sponge.
Alex Stacey, Y8
“I like this competition as you can do whatever you want to
have a go at. I like the fact that you can go on further ahead.”
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