Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 7

Mannequin Challenge
The Mannequin Challenge is the current craze that has
taken social media by storm. Everyone, from sports idols to
pop stars, is taking the challenge on.
The Mannequin Challenge is a viral Internet video trend that
started in October 2016, where people remain inactive
while video is recorded, usually with music.
The camera then winds through the scene with a series of
close ups. In his Drama lesson this week, Mr Pluckrose set
his Year 10 the Mannequin Challenge using the theme of
Macbeth 2017.
Mr Pluckrose said, "They absolutely loved it."
Performing Arts
We are delighted that ‘Status Update’ has received local fund-
ing: £500 from Torrington Town Council and £250 from both
the Cavaliers and The Torrington Rotary Club. All of which will
go towards funding the production.
Pictured: Sue Evely from Torrington Rotary presenting a cheque
to the Year 10 Production group.
Performing Arts Pupils take to
the stage next Spring
GTS will be performing at school, the Plymouth Drum
Theatre and Torrington Plough Arts Centre as part of
National Theatre Connections Festival—a nationwide
celebration of new plays for young people. Great Torrington
School will be performing ‘Status Update’ by Tim Etchells.
To book now to see Great Torrington School pupils perform
‘Status Update’, please see the booking lines below.
Pike and Musket Productions presents
Status Update
By Tim Etchells
The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington
7.00pm Tuesday 21
7.00pm Thursday 23
Booking Line: 01805 624624
7.00pm Wednesday 29
The Drama Studio, GTS, Torrington
01805 623531
7.00pm Saturday 29
The Drum, Theatre Royal
01752 267222
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