Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 5

The Hardy
What is the Hardy Centre?
The Hardy Cnetre is a
specialist unit within Great
Torrington School that
coordinates and delivers
support for pupils with
identified individual needs that help reduce the
blocks to learning.
Whether through a short term or long term
intervention, the aim is to support the pupil
being successful within the school environment.
Menu of interventions
includes: Teens in Grief
programme, personal development programme,
coping with anxiety, resilience training, listening
skills, team building, restorative interventions,
forest school and counselling.
In partnership with multiple agencies such as
CAHMS, Youth Service, Ed Psych, YISP, TIC-TAC,
IFIT, School Nurse, Doctor, LSAs, teaching staff,
Pupil Coaches and parents, the Centre forms a
‘HUB’ where interventions are effectively
resourced, recognising pupil needs and partner
specialisms. The Hardy Centre has a flexible
approach and is proactive, offering appropriate
programmes to support individuals and groups
within the school.
All interventions are developed based on clear
identified outcomes.
Next term we are looking
forward to launching
Early Help
4 Mental Health
(EH4MH) 8
week programme “Living life to
the full”
Parents are welcome to contact
Mrs Clancy Stephens, Hardy
Centre Manager by telephone
01805 623531 or email
or Helen Whiterod
or Andy Bloodworth.
We would like to introduce David Atkinson as
the newest member of our Hardy Centre team
at Great Torrington School. David is our
Safeguarding & Wellbeing Officer.
01805 623 531 ext. 209
Geographers in action
In order to carry out fieldwork as part of their GCSE course, Year 11
geographers went to Westward Ho! with Mrs Moores, Miss Cottle-
Hunkin, Mr Berry and Mr Avery. Students studied many topics on
the trip, including coastal deposition and landforms, and discussed
the formation of the coastal features; they also looked at the
process of coastal erosion and defence strategies. Monday's group
braved the wind and rain to collect their data, however we had to
cut the trip short due to worsening weather conditions.
Students enjoyed making lots of sketches, taking photos and
collecting data on the wave cut platforms and the pebble ridge.
They also judged the effectiveness of the sea defences and drew
their own conclusions about the future of Westward Ho! The final
step for our geographers will be to pull their research together to
produce their controlled assessment report on Coastal
Army in Education
We had a welcome visit from Major Walker of Army Careers, Exeter
to give a presentation to Year 11 Geography class about the
Kashmir earthquake of 2005. The class learnt about this powerful
earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale. They
talked about and discussed the primary and secondary effects of
the collision between Indian and Eurasian plates.
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