Winter Newsletter 2016 - page 3

Big Bang at GTS Success
It’s time for some trumpet blowing! After months of
planning and less than a year since the first Big Bang
event at GTS, this year’s Big Bang at GTS was even
bigger and better than last year’s event, if that could
be possible! With a greater number of young people
taking part, an increase of workshops offered and
more companies and individuals attending, we
couldn’t have wished for the day to have gone any
The Big Bang @ Great Torrington School
is part of
Big Bang Near Me
, a programme of events
which take place across the UK to enable young
people to discover the exciting and rewarding
science and engineering careers that their science
and maths subjects can lead to.
The fair, organised in partnership with
North Devon
held an array of workshops including the return of
Space Odyssey
(Simon Ould) and his
Planetarium Dome, as well as the amazing loud
bangs and screams of excitement from
Wonderstruck Show
with Peter Wright. The event
provided fun-filled hands-on activities through to
interactive exhibitions and workshops throughout
the day.
Excited pupils took part in a range of activities from
Lego robotics,
Horrible Science
workshops, to the
Doctor Doctor
workshop where they
carried out
medical techniques to look at
their own oxygen
saturation levels, blood pressure, and VO2 max, plus
examining real hearts and lungs. A first insight into
the medical world. We were lucky to have a
workshop with the
National Trust
felling trees and
the Met office presented the workshop
and took the opportunity to present their
own weather forecasts too.
The young people also took part in competitions,
which included: building a rocket car fuelled by cola
to see how far it would travel. The prizes for the
primary school competition went to Holywell
Primary School and Shebbear Community School,
well done them!
Head of Science, Mrs Rachel Higgs, said: “We were
delighted to be able to host
Big Bang event
again at GTS, it’s such an important event that
stimulates interest and promotes STEM careers and
subjects. Not only do they have a fun-filled day, but
they find out about opportunities and careers that
they may not previously have known existed.
We’d like to thank our generous funders
: North
Devon+, Torridge District Council, TDK, North Devon
Manufacturing Association, Tesco, Sciencedipity,
IOP, Royal Society of Chemistry
, and
. A massive thank you to our GTS Stem
Ambassadors who once again showed the
enthusiasm that our young people have for STEM
subjects at GTS.”
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